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Hi everyone! I'm Gabrielle
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People always ask me what made me get into yoga.. The answer is very simple. I got into yoga because I was desperate to release the emotions that paralyzed me mentally, physically and spiritually.

Anxiety and Depression consumed me in a way I never thought was possible. For months I struggled completing simple daily tasks and required help from others. What helped me was placing my yoga mat beside my bed every single night! It made it easier for me to start my morning practice.

STARTING is always the hardest part. By doing as little as 10 minutes of yoga each morning, my mood and overall wellbeing improved significantly.

It felt AMAZING and motivated me to continue my day. You see, through yoga, we are able to use our breath to heal and release any emotions stored in our bodies and organs. 

While I'm certified to teach Multi Style Yoga (Vinyasa and Hatha),

I decided to go a step further by completing Yoga With Kassandra's Yin Yoga Teachers' Program. Yin Yoga can be triggering at first because it focuses on mainly your mental/emotional state vs the physical. It's teaches you how to focus on your breath and sensations in your body. This style of Yoga in particular helps you reach a meditative state faster than others due to its mental development skills. 


All styles of yoga are unique in their own way, which is why it may be hard to find the style you like. I'm here to help you figure it all out! Class will always begin with a guided meditation, a sweet flow, and affirmations to carry you throughout the day! I'm looking forward to meeting you on the mat! 


From one AnxiousYogi to another,

Sending Love


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