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  • Empowering your digital presence, together!


Empowering your digital presence, together!

VA | Social Media Agency


- Photographer | Content Producer -

There are no limits when creating your ideal brand, we can bring it to life.

Toni & Cesar | ALT Team

- Cinematographers -

Focused on branded content, commercials, company profiles, music video treatments & documentaries.


- PR & Communications Consultant -

There is a lot of weight behind what you do but how you say it defines whether you have a business or a community.


"Consultation with VA was absolutely amazing. The meeting was conducted in a most professional manner and I was able to get all my ideas, concerns and queries addressed. Veronika was quick to listen to my vision and come up with a suitable plan for execution. She was extremely thorough and strategic in her advice which helped me to refine my vision and understand of what was necessary in order to achieve my targets. I look forward to seeing my project to fruition with VA! "

"Today was amazing! I’ve always wanted to know how to create more wholesome and engaging content. Veronie explained everything so clearly and gave me step by step guidelines on how to achieve all that I wanted and more! All this info will definitely take me to the next level! Thanks so much, I’m so excited, can’t wait to execute!"

"The social media consultation that I had with Veronika was so eye-opening and informative. We discussed quick tips & strategies that I could implement immediately to start to earn income off of my social media. Things that I had not thought about. She is a pleasure to work with, very professional, yet very friendly."

I booked a consultation with VA agency and learnt so much. I got some free tips and advice and have been implementing them in my small business, and truly seeing the return. I'm looking forward to working with them FOR REAL, because I'm confident they will help my business grow!

I don't know how I got so lucky to find Veronika and her team, I call them the "Feel Good Girls". To explain how they have made me feel: special, at ease, confident, and that everything that I dream of achieving in my life is possible. They have helped take away most of my fears around social media, which has been a breakthrough for me and my results. They coach me to get out there, and hold my hand when I have doubts. They are cheerleaders!

Knowing that they are holding me and have my back like sisters, is all the assurance I need to be even more creative and excited than I had expected to ever be. They are passionate about what I am doing, kind and generous in the way that they actively participate in my brand for me, to help me because they genuinely believe in me. They go the extra mile, blow me away constantly and provide great quality content and sound organization backed up with a proper dose of professionalism.